關於博愛中文學校 About Berryessa Chinese School

博愛中文學校成立於一九八零年,坐落於San Jose Berryessa校區,為孩子們提供一個學習中文和中國文化的優良環境,我們的國語班和粤語班分別由學前班到十二年班,我們還設有Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL)班,由幼兒班到八年班。我們設有六十四個語文班和二十多個文化班。我們的學生人數超過八百二十人和分佈於三所不同的學校。博愛設有以下的文化班:珠心算、西畫、漫畫、國畫、圍棋、手工藝、國樂、少林武術、太極拳、舞蹈和羽毛球等等。
Berryessa Chinese School (BCS), is located in the Berryessa district of San Jose, California, established in 1980.  We have provided the youth of the Bay Area with an environment to learn the Chinese language and its culture.  BCS offers both Mandarin and Cantonese classes from Pre-K to 12th grade, plus cultural classes for both students and adults.  We also offer Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) classes from K to 8th grade.  BCS has over 820 students distributed throughout three campuses.  We host 64 language classes and more than 20 cultural classes (eg. Abacus, Handcraft, Cartoon Drawing, Western Drawing, Chinese Painting, Chinese Go, Badminton, Chinese Instruments, Shaolin Wushu, Tai-Chi Chuan, Dance, …etc).
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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW19 02/27/2021

Dear Parent Reps,
Please forward the email to your class parents.
1. BCS Academic Award Ceremony – 02/27/2021 Morrill Office 1:30pm – 3:50pm
2. BCS HSIC Seminar – 02/28/2021 Zoom Meeting 9:30am – 11:00am
3. BCS Registration
BCS Academic Award Ceremony

學術比賽優勝者獎盃及獎狀將於2/27(星期六)下午於 Morrill校區辦公室外發放.請家長務必按照項目領取時間,準時前來領取.

Winners of the BCS academic competition, trophies, and certificates will be picked up outside the Morrill office in the afternoon on 2/27 (Saturday). Parents must follow the pick-up time and come to collect them on time.

To encourage students who represent BCS to participate in the ANCCS academy competition, BCS fully covers the $30 fee for each student.
*The award pick-up procedure has been emailed to notify the winners.

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW18 02/06/2021

BCS will resume online session this Saturday 02/06/2021. There will be NO SCHOOL on 02/13/2021 (Chinese New Year) and 02/20/2021 (President’s Day).
Please pay attention to the dates below from BCS registration. If you or your friends have child(ren) who are interested to learn Mandarin, please plan the time for the online open enrollment seminar to learn more about the classes offered by BCS. If you received email from your department associate dean about the special arrangement for returning student package, please follow accordingly.

BCS E-Newsletter 01/30/2021

Dear Parent Reps,
Please forward to your class parents.
This Saturday 01/30/2021 is BCS Academic competition (AC) events. There will be NO SCHOOL. The class resume on 02/06/2021.
Students who participate in AC this Saturday, please read the following information carefully.


博愛學術比賽小組非常感謝上週參賽學生及家長對學術比賽的支持. 本週六還有比賽要繼續進行. 請各位參賽學生務必準時在指定時間報到.

比賽ZOOM ID 以及上傳作品的Google Form  將於 01/27/2021 (星期三) ~ 01/28/2021 (星期四) 發出。如果沒有收到通知的參賽者,請立即與博愛學術比賽小組聯絡。

如果您對學術比賽有疑問,請 email 至 ac@bcs-usa.org

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW17 01/23/2021

Dear Parents,
Please be aware that Jan-30-2021 is a full day BCS Academic Competition event. There will be NO SCHOOL on Jan-30-2021. Below is the information for the coming BCS AC events:


博愛學術比賽小組即將在本週六(01/23/2021)下午 4:00 PM 舉辦「學術比賽參賽者說明會」,我們將為您詳細解說線上比賽流程,歡迎參賽學生及家長一同參加。

Topic: 2021年 博愛中文學校 學術比賽 賽前說明會 BCS Academic Contest Student Seminar

Time: Jan 23, 2021 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW15 01/09/2021

Dear Parents,
Welcome back after winter break. BCS 2021 AC competition is around the corner. Please refer to the information below from BCS AC team:


博愛中文學校學術比賽 報名確認通知信已發出.請參賽者檢查並確認參賽項目及組別, 若有錯誤請回復電郵告知正確資訊.
博愛學術比賽小組特別在博愛網站增設了 “2021博愛學術比賽問題Q&A“來統一回答比賽問題. 如果您對學術比賽規則有疑問, 請 email 至 ac@bcs-usa.org, 我們會統一回答您的問題.

比賽日期/ 時間:

01/24/2021 (星期日)

西畫  1:30-2:30 PM

(1:00 PM 開始報到)

國畫  1:30-3:00 PM

(1:00 PM 開始報到)

01/30/2021 (星期六)

毛筆書法  9:00-10:00 AM (8:30 AM 開始報到)

鉛筆書法  9:30-10:30 AM (9:00 AM 開始報到)

國語/粵語演講  1:30-2:30 PM (1:00 PM 開始報到)

國語/粵語/CFL朗讀  3:00-4:30 PM (2:30 PM 開始報到)

* 比賽 Zoom ID  將於賽前三天以電子郵件發出,不同參賽項目將會收到不同參賽電郵通知。

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2021博愛學術比賽訊息 Academic Competition Registration Reminder

博愛中文學校學術比賽 報名截止將延期至12/19/2020(星期六)截止。報名表(Google Form)的連結已公布於博愛官網,想要參賽的學生,請盡快上網報名。

2021 BCS學術比賽須知

2021 BCS學術比賽報名表  

The registration deadline for the BCS Academic Competition will be postponed to 12/19/2020 (Saturday). The link to the registration form (Google Form) has been posted on the BCS website. Students who want to participate, please register online as soon as possible.

2021 BCS Academic Contest Terms & Rules

2021 BCS Academic Competition Registration form

BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW11 11/21/2020

Dear Parents,
As we all now knew that Santa Clara county return to the purple tier, BUSD will defer the school reopen for in person class to Mar-2021. Please refer to the attached file for BUSD November newsletter for the details. BCS will evaluate the situation for the next phase of action. You will get inform once further decisions are made by the BCS board of directors.
BCS Academic Competition

The 2021 academic competition of Berryessa Chinese School has been decided to hold the annual Academic Contest online with ZOOM. The determined competition categories and dates are listed below:

01/24/2021 (Sunday)

Western drawing / Chinese painting

01/30/2021 (Saturday)

Chinese Brush Calligraphy / Pencil calligraphy

Mandarin/Cantonese speech

Mandarin/Cantonese/CFL Read-Aloud

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW10 11/14/2020

Dear Parents,
There are about half of the school parents complete the required parent return slip. Please let you class parent know to complete the form. The online version of google form can be found in link below. Please fill out the form for each child who attend class in BCS.
You may refer the student handbook with the link below: