Principal’s Message 03/06/2022 Leo Fu, 校長的話 – 傅其俊

加州的新型肺炎病例和住院人數繼續下降。加州已宣布自 2022 年 3 月 1 日起取消室內強制戴口罩規定。無論有沒有接種疫苗,州政府都只是強烈建議在室內環境中使用口罩。 2022 年 3 月 11 日之後,K-12年級在學校內戴口罩的要求也將被取消。但是,每個縣和學區可以根據自己的情況設定合適的口罩要求。這當然是個好消息,這說明疫情將會成為過去, 社會亦正朝著回復正常生活的方向走去。

博愛中文學校(BCS) 將繼續留意 加州、縣和學區的引用,以調整我們的防疫策略。校方並將製定安全規則,以確保我們的學生、教師和工作人員安全的重返校園。學校董事會將努力在下一個學年全面重開校園作面授課程。

三月也標誌著我們 2022-23 學年招生的開始,本週六 3/5/22 是舊生註冊的截止日期。我們將在 2022 年 3 月 19 日上午 9:30 舉行網上新生入學研討會,新生註冊亦隨之接受申請。

Online Open Enrollment Poster Link 博愛中文學校招生海報 鏈接

COVID-19 cases and hospitalization continue to decline across the state. California has announced the lifting of the indoor mask mandate as of 3/1/2022. Mask is highly recommended in indoor settings regardless of the vaccination status.  After 3/11/2022, universal masking requirements will also be removed in K-12 schools.  However, each county and school district can set their own mask requirement based on their own situation.  This is certainly good news, as we are about to move from the pandemic phase and into the endemic phase.

Berryessa Chinese School (BCS) will continue monitoring the guidelines given by the state, the county and the school district to adjust our pandemic strategy. BCS will put in place all the safety protocols to ensure the safe return of our students, teachers and staff.  Our school board will work hard towards a full reopening of the campus for in-person learning in the upcoming school year.

March marks the beginning of our 2022-23 enrollment. This Saturday 3/5/22 is the deadline for returning student registration.  We will have a new student enrollment seminar on 3/19/22 9:30 AM. New student enrollment will start right after.

BCS is committed to teaching and promoting Chinese language and culture to our next generation in the bay area. We can’t do it without the help of our teachers, our parents and volunteers.  All of you can help in promoting our school by liking or following the BCS Facebook page.  If you know friends or someone who is looking for a weekend Chinese school, you can send them the link below:
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