Principal’s Message 8/22/2023 Leo Fu, 校長的話 – 傅其俊

校長的話 8/22/2023 傅其俊

親愛的家長和同學們: 暑假又差不多完結,很快中文學校又即將開學了。歡迎回到博愛 2023-2024 學年。

感謝學校義工們在暑假期間努力的為回校上課作準備,制定上課安全指引,準備校舍清潔 用品及購買個人防護裝備等。期望學生、家長和老師可以在一個安全的環境中學習中文。

博愛中文學校是一所非牟利機構,為我們灣區孩子們提供學習中文的機會。我們衷心感謝 所有熱心的家長義工和教學不倦的老師們,沒有他們辛勤的努力,我們也沒有今天的成 就。

我代表博愛歡迎所有的舊生和新加入的學生和家長們,十分感謝您們對博愛的信任和支 持! 我們會竭盡所能,盡心丶盡意 和盡力的做到更好。

今年博愛中文學校的開課日期為九月九日星期六,希望大家都能收拾心情來迎接新一年的 挑戰, 就讓我們一同努力吧!

在這個新的學年,博愛中文學校會有一些新的做法和改變,祈盼家長和學生們一如既往的 全力支持。 以下附上新學年度開學須知及細節,教務和註冊組通訊等,敬請各位新舊生 及家長務必詳細閱讀。

有關其他資訊,請大家瀏覽博愛網頁(。 如有疑問,請電郵至 bcs_board@yahoo.com查詢。



Principal’s Message 8/22/2023 Leo Fu

Dear Berryessa Chinese School Families, Welcome back to BCS school year 2023-2024.

I would like to thank the school volunteers for their hard work through the summer in preparing for the return to school, formulating safety guidelines, preparing school cleaning supplies and purchasing personal protective equipment.

BCS is a non-profit organization and we are thankful, especially for our enthusiastic parent volunteers and hardworking teachers. Without their contributions, BCS would not have had such an esteemed reputation.

On behalf of BCS, I warmly welcome you all back and those who have just joined the BCS family this school year. Thanks for your trust and your support! We will continue to do our best and to be the best for you and your children.

For this school year (2023-2024), the first day of school is on September 9th (Saturday). I hope we are all ready to accept new challenges. We can do it together!

This school year, BCS has made some changes and hope to have your full support and cooperation. The enclosed package includes important information from registration and curriculum departments. Please read them carefully before school starts.

You can visit our website at for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

I wish you all a successful and wonderful school year!

Yours sincerely,

Leo Fu
Principal, Berryessa Chinese School
August 22, 2023