BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW24 04/17/2021

BCS recently created a new student referral program to promote more students in learning Mandarin and/or Cantonese language. The information about this referral program can be found on the BCS Website main page right side tab or link below. Should you have any further questions about the program, please contact BCS Registration <registration@bcs-usa.org>.
Here the link for the New Student Referral Program



2021 ANCCS Academic Contest was held online on 3/28 & 04/04/2021. BCS students performed outstandingly, and congrats to all the winners. In the meantime, we want to praise those who didn’t win but still showed their best competitive spirit. They all are the brilliant stars of BCS!

2021 ANCCS學術比賽_博愛學生優勝榜單ANCCS_BCS_AC Winner
2021 博愛學術比賽 評審綜合評語表 AC Judges Feedback

BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW23 03/27/2021

Dear Parent Reps,
Please forward the email to your class parents.
Next two weeks 4/03 and 4/10 are BUSD spring break. Please be informed that there will be NO SCHOOL on those two weeks.
Please pay attention to the dates below from BCS registration. If you or persons you know have child(ren) who are interested to learn Mandarin or Cantonese, please refer them to this link for the online registration tomorrow.

BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW19 02/27/2021

Dear Parent Reps,
Please forward the email to your class parents.
1. BCS Academic Award Ceremony – 02/27/2021 Morrill Office 1:30pm – 3:50pm
2. BCS HSIC Seminar – 02/28/2021 Zoom Meeting 9:30am – 11:00am
3. BCS Registration
BCS Academic Award Ceremony

學術比賽優勝者獎盃及獎狀將於2/27(星期六)下午於 Morrill校區辦公室外發放.請家長務必按照項目領取時間,準時前來領取.

Winners of the BCS academic competition, trophies, and certificates will be picked up outside the Morrill office in the afternoon on 2/27 (Saturday). Parents must follow the pick-up time and come to collect them on time.

To encourage students who represent BCS to participate in the ANCCS academy competition, BCS fully covers the $30 fee for each student.
*The award pick-up procedure has been emailed to notify the winners.

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW18 02/06/2021

BCS will resume online session this Saturday 02/06/2021. There will be NO SCHOOL on 02/13/2021 (Chinese New Year) and 02/20/2021 (President’s Day).
Please pay attention to the dates below from BCS registration. If you or your friends have child(ren) who are interested to learn Mandarin, please plan the time for the online open enrollment seminar to learn more about the classes offered by BCS. If you received email from your department associate dean about the special arrangement for returning student package, please follow accordingly.

BCS E-Newsletter 01/30/2021

Dear Parent Reps,
Please forward to your class parents.
This Saturday 01/30/2021 is BCS Academic competition (AC) events. There will be NO SCHOOL. The class resume on 02/06/2021.
Students who participate in AC this Saturday, please read the following information carefully.


博愛學術比賽小組非常感謝上週參賽學生及家長對學術比賽的支持. 本週六還有比賽要繼續進行. 請各位參賽學生務必準時在指定時間報到.

比賽ZOOM ID 以及上傳作品的Google Form  將於 01/27/2021 (星期三) ~ 01/28/2021 (星期四) 發出。如果沒有收到通知的參賽者,請立即與博愛學術比賽小組聯絡。

如果您對學術比賽有疑問,請 email 至 ac@bcs-usa.org

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW11 11/21/2020

Dear Parents,
As we all now knew that Santa Clara county return to the purple tier, BUSD will defer the school reopen for in person class to Mar-2021. Please refer to the attached file for BUSD November newsletter for the details. BCS will evaluate the situation for the next phase of action. You will get inform once further decisions are made by the BCS board of directors.
BCS Academic Competition

The 2021 academic competition of Berryessa Chinese School has been decided to hold the annual Academic Contest online with ZOOM. The determined competition categories and dates are listed below:

01/24/2021 (Sunday)

Western drawing / Chinese painting

01/30/2021 (Saturday)

Chinese Brush Calligraphy / Pencil calligraphy

Mandarin/Cantonese speech

Mandarin/Cantonese/CFL Read-Aloud

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW07 10/24/2020

Dear Parents,
BUSD will continue distance learning until the end of December, 2020. Below are the details update from BUSD:
  • The district is now moving into “Phase 2” where we will focus on providing targeted in-person support to our most vulnerable students, such as those in our moderate and severe special education programs.  
  • “Phase 3” or the hybrid model will be reviewed for a potential phased start in January 2021 at the earliest, beginning with the youngest children returning for in-person instruction first.  
  • We will work closely with our employee associations to coordinate efforts.  
  • Safety planning and preparation will continue to be at the forefront as we determine next steps.  

Please refer to the attached file for more information.

With Kind Regards,

Berryessa Chinese School
voice mail: (408)5200-BCS(408-520-0227)


公投議案的贊成/反對中文版出爐了 ( https://lwv-swscv.org/chineseprosandconswebinars )。中文翻譯義工團隊,將婦女選民聯盟對每一個議案的分析報告,忠實公正的以中文表達出來,做您投票的參考。選賢與能是每個選民的權利和義務。人人一票累積下來,就能決定影響我們生活的民選官員及法案,因此您的一票正是最關鍵的那票。請記得行使您寶貴的投票權,參與11月3日的大選。
Chinese edition of the Pros & Cons is now available at https://lwv-swscv.org/chineseprosandconswebinars . This is a tremendous undertaking by a group of dedicated volunteers who translated the entire Pros &Cons made by LWV-SWSCV into Chinese. Voting is a privilege and responsibility of every citizen. A well prepared and informed voter is the best voter. Every vote counts and every vote is critical to our future. Please remember to vote on 11/03/2020.

BCS 40th Anniversary Poster Contest

Dear Parents,
Congratulation to the winners of the BCS 40th Anniversary Poster Contest.



冠軍 1st place winner – M7 鄺恩華 Ignatius Khong

亞軍 2nd place winner – C8 李惠珊 Kasey Walker

季軍 3rd place winner –  M2 莊子鋆 Zi-Yun Chuang

With Kind Regards,

Berryessa Chinese School
voice mail: (408)5200-BCS(408-520-0227)