BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW19 02/15/2020

Dear Parents,
This year we are celebrating BCS 40th Anniversary. BCS Spring Performance (SP) and Spring Performance Poster Contest will become parts of 40th anniversary celebration. The contest is currently extend due on Feb-29-2020. The SP will be held on Saturday, Mar 14, 2020 at the Multi-Purpose Room of Sierramont Middle School. If you and your class are interested in any of two events, Poster Contest and Spring Performance, please submit the following application form (English and Mandarin) to any BCS offices. Please refer to the attached file for details.

Every class is required to submit 2 pages for BCS 40th anniversary yearbook. Please email to yearbook@bcs-usa.org  should you have any questions. The submission due by Feb/15/2020.

2020-2021 student returning package will be delivered to each class this Saturday ( Feb/15/2020 ). All class representatives are required to meet with BCS registration staff in each campus at 9:30am to understand the procedure to handle the form. The package will be given away during the meeting.
Morrill – BCS office
Sierramont & Piedmont – Library
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During the holiday, you may shop at smile.amazon.com to generate AmazonSmile donations for BCS.
BCS is highly aware of the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan China.  The situation is still developing and we will continue to monitor and pass on any new information.  We asked that everyone take a common sense approach and keep your child at home if they are sick.
Please note that there is important new information for your review:
1. If you have students or staff who have been in Hubei province within the last 14 days, please ask them to immediately return home and call the public health department during regular business hours (408-885-3980, M-F 8-5) so that we can provide guidance on monitoring themselves carefully for symptoms for the 14 days since their last day in China.
a. Family members of travelers who visited Hubei province within the last 14 days do not need to quarantine at home, but they should also monitor for symptoms and avoid attending large gatherings.
2. Students or staff who have been to other areas of mainland China (this excludes Hong Kong) within the last 14 days should also not come to school. They should monitor themselves for symptoms for the 14 days since their last day in China. Per federal guidance being released today, they should also call the public health department during regular business hours (408- 885-3980,
M-F 8-5) for further guidance.
In either case, if they become symptomatic within 14 days since their last day in China with fever (including chills or night sweats), cough, or shortness of breath, they should call a healthcare provider and let them know their travel history and symptoms.
For more information on this issue, please read the full letter below. You can also visit the following websites: Santa Clara County Public Health Department or the Santa Clara County Office of Education.
**Campus Patrol**
                                                  Week 19    02/15/2020
                                      Language Classes             Culture Classes
Morrill                         CK2 [3] CFL2 [3]     L10 (Cartoon Drawing 漫畫) [2]
Sierramont                 M5 [3] CFL5A [3]     MC   [3]
Piedmont                         M8 [2] HSIC1 [2]     HSIC1   [2]
Note: [number] = number of parent patrol for each campus.
Campus patrols must be at least 18 years old

Duty time: 8:45AM – 11:45AM (Language classes) / 11:40AM-12:55PM(Culture classes)

秋季園遊會報名表 Fall Carnival Registration Form

秋季園遊會時間 (Fall Carnival Date and Time): 2019年10月26日星期六 由上午11時30分至下午3時。Saturday 10/26/19 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.

地點 (Location): Sierramont Middle School (3155 Kimlee Drive, San Jose, CA 95132)

攤位費用 (Booth fee):   學校 (School) $10 / 校區廠商 (External Organization) $30

請填妥下列表格及附上參加費用交到各校區辦公室的活動組文件夾内。截止日期是10月12日上午10時30分前。除各班可設置攤位外, 歡迎校外其他團體設置攤位。

Please fill in sign up form and return with booth fee to any BCS campus office no later than Oct 12 10:30am.  Beside internal classes, BCS welcome all external organizations.

2019-FallCarnivalApplicationForm (PDF Format)

BCS Fall Carnival Student Volunteer

粵語會語班 Cantonese Conversation

課程編號: CC
課程名稱: 粵語會話
Class Location:   Morrill Middle School
Class Time:         11:45am – 12:45pm
Cost:                    $190  (with Language class registration)
For Kindergarten to 2nd grade Cantonese class students.  Main purpose of this course is to develop students in Listening and Speaking of Cantonese. Using fun small group activities and songs to teach students simple practical Cantonese conversations they can use in daily life. Allow students to have more opportunities practicing dialogue in Cantonese, and to practice correct pronunciation. Class size is limited to between 10 and 16 students.
Students must be able to understand basic Cantonese instruction.
School will base on the number of registered students and their Cantonese level to decide on the acceptance priority for this class.
Please use the link below to register:
– Select “P to 2nd grade – Morrill Campus”
– Select Other: put “Cantonese Conversation”
To complete the registration, please pay tuition at the Morrill MPR on first day of school between 9:30am-11:00am. 
Free feel to email us if you have questions.
主要對象為幼稚園至二年級粵語班學生。旨在給予學生們多點聆聽和練習粵語的機會。以輕鬆方式教導學生簡單的日常生活粵話會話。盡量讓同學們在小組遊戲和歌唱中得到多些用粵話對話的練習機會, 以及矯正學生的粵語發音.  限制每班大約在10至16人。學生須能聽及明白簡單粵語.
– 選擇  “P to 2nd grade – Morrill Campus”
– 選擇  Other: put “Cantonese Conversation”
填妥後請在開學日上午9:30至11:00在Morrill MPR付款。

校長的話 Principal’s Message 8/26/2019 洪篤彥 Andrew Hung


大家好! 轉瞬間, 暑假又結束了,我相信大家都渡過了一個開心難忘的暑假。 今年是博愛中文學校成立的第40周年,博愛中文學校是一所非牟利的機構,我們十分感謝熱心的家長義工和教學不倦的老師們,沒有他們辛勤的努力,我們也沒有今天的成就,如今博愛已成為全美最大的中文學校之一。

我代表博愛歡迎所有的舊生和新加入的學生和家長們,十分感謝你們對博愛的信任和支持! 我們會竭盡所能,盡心丶盡意 和盡力的做到更好。

今年博愛中文學校的開課日期為九月七日星期六,希望大家都能夠收拾心情來迎接新一年的挑戰, 就讓我們一同努力吧!

在這個新的學年,博愛中文學校會有一些新的做法和改變,祈盼家長和學生們一如既往的全力支持。 以下附上新學年度開學須知及細節,其中包括教室分配圖、教務和註冊組通訊等,敬請各位新舊生及家長務必詳細閱讀。 此外,由於各校區學生班級分佈和教室有所調整,也煩請各位家長特別留意 貴子女所就讀之校區。 有關其他資訊,請大家瀏覽博愛網頁(www.bcs-usa.org)。 如有疑問,請電郵至bcs_board@yahoo.com查詢。



Dear Berryessa Chinese School Families,

How are you? Time flies and summer vacation is coming to an end. I hope you all have had a wonderful summer vacation. This is Berryessa Chinese School’s (BCS) 40th year. BCS is a non-profit organization and we are thankful, especially for our enthusiastic parent volunteers and hardworking teachers. Without their contributions, BCS would not have had such esteemed reputation. Currently, BCS is one of the largest Chinese Schools in the United States.

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