BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW21 03/09/2019

Dear Parents,
BCS 2019-2020 returning package is due this Saturday ( 03/09 ). Please collect all the forms for your class and return them to the registration department in the campus office. In Morrill, return your forms in Morrill MPR. Priority sibling registration also begin this Saturday. You may register your children before open enrollment ( 03/23 ) in Morrill MPR.
Open enrollment seminar will be on 03/16 in Morrill campus. Attached files are the flyers. Inform your relatives and friends if they are looking for a school to learn Chinese.
BCS will open 3 new cultural courses to enhance our students Mandarin in multiple different aspects. The courses are:
                Morrill:            說學逗唱 I    Say It in Chinese ( L14 )
                Sieramont:     國語會話班   Mandarin Conversation ( MC )
                Piedmont:      說學逗唱 II    The Art of Chinese Speech ( P14 )
Credit transfer seminar will be in Sierramont this Saturday ( 03/09 ) at 9:30am in the library. All parents are encouraged to attend the seminar to understand the Chinese learning toward their children education in High School and College.
March 10 community event – Chinese Railroad Workers and the Transcontinental Railroad, 150th Anniversary
**Campus Patrol**
                    Week 21      03/09/2019
                                  Language ClassesCulture Classes
Morrill                     CK1 [3]     MP [3]     L4 (Western Drawing 西畫 ) [2]
Sierramont             M6 [3]             C5A [3]     S13 (Cartoon Drawing 漫畫) [2]
Piedmont                     HSIC2/3 [2]     M8 [2]     MS   [2]
Note: [number] = number of parent patrol for each campus.
         Campus patrols must be at least 18 years old
Duty time: 8:45AM – 11:45AM (Language classes) / 11:30AM-12:45PM(Culture classes)  

**Campus Announcement**

Morrill/Sierramont/Piedmont campus:
Room Parents, not the class representative, need to turn in the classroom checklist when the class is over, not during the class session. 
It is imperative that Room Parents should arrive at the classroom early to assist teachers in maintaining classroom order and ensuring student safety. 

No eating is allowed in the classroom at any time.
Restore classroom condition after class. No mix and match on chairs and tables.
Avoid using apparatus within the classroom. Handle with care if need to. 

Traffic around three campuses are congested during drop off (8:45am to 9:00am) and pick up time (after 11:30am).  Please give yourself plenty of time to drop off and pick up your child(ren).
Please DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF CITY STREET to drop off/pick up students.  All standard traffic rules apply in the streets around each campus.  San Jose police will be contacted if there are repeated violations.
Please DO NOT PARK in RED ZONE or Waiting/Loading Zone marked on the campus map.  Illegally parked vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense.  Traffic Patrol will be issuing citations and recording license plate, repeated offender will be towed.
Morrill Campus:
Additional parking spaces are available at the Church parking lot across Cropley Ave.  South Lot exit is a RIGHT TURN ONLY.  Entry to South Lot is via Cropley Ave next to BYC (Berryessa Youth Center), this is not an exit.
Sierramont Campus:
Lot A and Lot B are reserved parking for Staff and Teachers only.  This is not a drop off zone.  Lot C is for general parking and there is a drop off zone in front of the portable classrooms.  DO NOT USE KIMLEE DRIVE to drop off/pick up students without parking first, use drop off area in LOT C.
Piedmont Campus:
Main lot is accessible via Flander Drive, there is a designated drop off/pick up zone.  Exit is a RIGHT TURN ONLY, do not turn left to Piedmont road.  The smaller parking lot is reserved for Staff and Teachers only.
Please help to maintain the classroom condition to help BCS remain in good connection with day school teachers and administration staffs. Below are some small tips for routine practice:
a. restore chairs and tables arrangement after use
b. STAY AWAY from day school teacher’s area
c. NO food and drinks in the classroom and refrain from throwing wrappers and etc into trash bin inside the classroom.

**BCS News**

BCS Panera Bread Program
如果您是住在Coleman Ave的Panera bread附近,而又可以於星期五晚上九時前幫忙去拿取麵包, 又或是可以在星期六早上九時到十時在Morrill或Sierr amont 辦公室幫忙分發麵,請到任何一個辦公室與我們聯絡或電郵到bc s_board@yahoo.com。 您將會和其他的家長輪流去拿取麵包。謝謝
** Community Events **
Chinese Railroad Workers and the Transcontinental Railroad, 150th Anniversary
Please help spreading the word about this event to honor our unrecognized, dismissed and forgotten forefathers of 150 years ago. The contributions of the Chinese Railroad Workers to America’s growth and development needs to be known!
日期 Dates : March 10 – 31, 2019
地點 Location: 米爾皮塔斯市圖書館禮堂 Milpitas Library Auditorium
                        160 N Main St, Milpitas, CA 95035
開幕儀式 Opening Ceremony: Sunday March 10, 2019 1:00 – 5:00 PM
展覽傳單 Exhibit Flyer
圖書館網站上有關資料 More on the library’s web site
Ahead of us >>
1. 03/16 – Open Enrollment seminar
2. 03/23 – Open Enrollment
3. 04/06 – Board Meeting (S) / Placement Test
4. 04/13 – Cantonese Proj (P) / Credit Recognition Test
5. 05/04 – Board Meeting (P) / General Election
6. 05/11 – New Parent Orientation
7. 05/18 – Graduation Ceremony
8. 05/19 – Teacher Banquet
9. 06/01 – Last Day of School

With Kind Regards,

Berryessa Chinese School
voice mail: (408)5200-BCS(408-520-0227)