BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW01 09/07/2019

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone had a great and relaxing summer. On behalf of BCS board, we welcome you all back to BCS for another successful year of learning our heritage. Please click for Principal’s welcome message

2018-2019 class representatives and liaisons duty is extended up to week 3. BCS had consolidated both class representative and liaison duty into one since last year. Each class can elect a maximum of 2 class representatives. All newly elected class representative(s) are urged to complete the contact form. The form will be distributed by each language department associate deans. Please return the completed form to BCS office as soon as you can. All newly elected personnel will then begin to receive eNews later.

BCS will distribute a full version of “students & parents handbook” to new students. All returning students will receive supplement version. Please sign the “Parent Return Slip” (2 pages) when received. All class representatives will collect them and return to each campus office.


Please refer to BCS first day of school web page for information relating to the assigned classroom and etc.

Please be aware that CFL6 is now in Sierramont.
There are a list of seminar related to credit transfer and college application planning in Piedmont Middle School Library between 9:00 to 10:00am as below:
– Sep 07 High School Chinese as a 2nd language credit transfer program
– Sep 14 High School Chinese as a 2nd language credit transfer program
– Sep 21 High School curriculum and College application planning
– Sep 28 High School curriculum and College application planning
Please note the new campus classes assignments:
Morrill:          MP, MK, M1, M2, CFLK, CFL1, CFL2, CP, CK, C1, C2
Sierramont:    M3, M4, M5, M6, CFL3, CFL4, CFL5, CFL6, C3, C4, C5
Piedmont:      M7, M8, M9, M10, M11, M12, HSIC1, HSIC2, HSIC3/4, CFL7, CFL8, C6, C7, C8, C9, C10, C11/12
**Campus Patrol**
                          Week 1           9/07/2019
                        Language Classes                    Culture Classes
Morrill             C2 [3]         M2 [3]         L1 (Mental Arithmetic 珠心算) [2]
Sierramont     C5 [3]         M6 [3]         S4 (Chinese Painting 中國繪畫) [2]
Piedmont             M12 [2] C12/C11 [2] HSIC3/4   [2]
       Campus patrols must be at least 18 years old
       Duty time: 8:45AM – 11:45AM (Language classes) / 11:40AM-12:55PM(Culture classes) 
Please refer to the link below for patrol schedule of each class.

**Campus Announcement**

Morrill/Sierramont/Piedmont campus:
Room Parents, not the class representative, need to turn in the classroom checklist when the class is over, not during the class session. 
It is imperative that Room Parents should arrive at the classroom early to assist teachers in maintaining classroom order and ensuring student safety. 

No eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom at any time.
Restore classroom condition after class. No mix and match on chairs and tables.
Avoid using apparatus within the classroom. 

BCS frequently observed some cars were not properly parked in the parking lot. All parents are advised to take this matter seriously since your car might be towed away.

**Registration Department**  

The Registration Department will process language and cultural class refund and transfer requests during the first 2 weeks of school (9/07/19 & 9/15/19) at the Morrill MPR (Multi-Purpose Room). No registration counter will be set up at the Sierramont and Piedmont Campus. Please proceed to the Morrill MPR between 9:30am to 11:00am if you plan to drop, transfer or add a class.
今年語文班和文化班的退學,插班及轉班手續,將在開學後兩週內 (9/07/19 & 9/14/19) 集中於Morrill校區的MPR舉行,時間是從上午930分至11時止,(Sierramont Piedmont校區不接受申請),請各家長按時前往Morrill MPR辨理各項手續,多謝合作!
Add/Drop/Transfer application
Place: Morrill MPR
Time: 9:30am – 11:00am
Date: 9/07/2019 & 9/14/2019

Ahead of us >>
1. 09/07 – Add/Drop/Transfer
2. 09/14 – Add/Drop/Transfer
3. 09/21 – Board Meeting (M)
4. 09/28 – Parent Rep Meeting
5. 10/05 – Board Meeting (S)

6. 10/12 – Fire Drill
7. 10/26 – Fall Carnival
8. 11/02 – Board Meeting (P)

9. 12/07 – Board Meeting (M)

With Kind Regards,

Berryessa Chinese School
voice mail: (408)5200-BCS(408-520-0227)