BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW15 01/09/2021

Dear Parents,
Welcome back after winter break. BCS 2021 AC competition is around the corner. Please refer to the information below from BCS AC team:


博愛中文學校學術比賽 報名確認通知信已發出.請參賽者檢查並確認參賽項目及組別, 若有錯誤請回復電郵告知正確資訊.
博愛學術比賽小組特別在博愛網站增設了 “2021博愛學術比賽問題Q&A“來統一回答比賽問題. 如果您對學術比賽規則有疑問, 請 email 至 ac@bcs-usa.org, 我們會統一回答您的問題.

比賽日期/ 時間:

01/24/2021 (星期日)

西畫  1:30-2:30 PM

(1:00 PM 開始報到)

國畫  1:30-3:00 PM

(1:00 PM 開始報到)

01/30/2021 (星期六)

毛筆書法  9:00-10:00 AM (8:30 AM 開始報到)

鉛筆書法  9:30-10:30 AM (9:00 AM 開始報到)

國語/粵語演講  1:30-2:30 PM (1:00 PM 開始報到)

國語/粵語/CFL朗讀  3:00-4:30 PM (2:30 PM 開始報到)

* 比賽 Zoom ID  將於賽前三天以電子郵件發出,不同參賽項目將會收到不同參賽電郵通知。

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW11 11/21/2020

Dear Parents,
As we all now knew that Santa Clara county return to the purple tier, BUSD will defer the school reopen for in person class to Mar-2021. Please refer to the attached file for BUSD November newsletter for the details. BCS will evaluate the situation for the next phase of action. You will get inform once further decisions are made by the BCS board of directors.
BCS Academic Competition

The 2021 academic competition of Berryessa Chinese School has been decided to hold the annual Academic Contest online with ZOOM. The determined competition categories and dates are listed below:

01/24/2021 (Sunday)

Western drawing / Chinese painting

01/30/2021 (Saturday)

Chinese Brush Calligraphy / Pencil calligraphy

Mandarin/Cantonese speech

Mandarin/Cantonese/CFL Read-Aloud

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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW10 11/14/2020

Dear Parents,
There are about half of the school parents complete the required parent return slip. Please let you class parent know to complete the form. The online version of google form can be found in link below. Please fill out the form for each child who attend class in BCS.
You may refer the student handbook with the link below:

BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW07 10/24/2020

Dear Parents,
BUSD will continue distance learning until the end of December, 2020. Below are the details update from BUSD:
  • The district is now moving into “Phase 2” where we will focus on providing targeted in-person support to our most vulnerable students, such as those in our moderate and severe special education programs.  
  • “Phase 3” or the hybrid model will be reviewed for a potential phased start in January 2021 at the earliest, beginning with the youngest children returning for in-person instruction first.  
  • We will work closely with our employee associations to coordinate efforts.  
  • Safety planning and preparation will continue to be at the forefront as we determine next steps.  

Please refer to the attached file for more information.

With Kind Regards,

Berryessa Chinese School
voice mail: (408)5200-BCS(408-520-0227)

BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW06 10/17/2020

Dear Parents,
BCS currently is still waiting for the school reopening survey result that conducted by BUSD. Please refer to BUSD Frequently Asked Questions on BUSD Reopening Hub for the latest information.
ANCCS Activity




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BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW05 10/10/2020

Dear Parents,
Congratulations to all the newly elected or extended class representatives for 2020-21 school year. Your involvement in school communication is very crucial to instantly channel all messages from BCS to your class parents. Please refer to the attached file for the guideline of your roles and duties.
Current COVID-19 pandemic situation remains severe across all the states in the US. There are schools reopen for in person classes which at the end have to shut down in a short period of time due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in the school. BUSD began another round of survey to understand the expectancy of the parents toward the school reopening plan. BCS will update everyone once there’s new progress in sight.
Below are some activities maybe your interest:

BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW1 09/12/2020

Dear Parents,
Welcome all the new and returning parents to BCS 2020-21 school year ! The COVID-19 pandemic had changed the way education was conducted from in person to distance learning. During the summer, BCS board of directors had decided to begin the school year with distance learning for the 1st semester ( 09-12-2020 to 01-09-2021 ). BCS still in hope that in person class can be safely available in the 2nd semester.
Tomorrow, the first day of school will be conducted in distance learning with Zoom. Please prepare your children with necessary computer setup and class materials to begin the class tomorrow morning at 9:00am.
As like all the years before, all the parents are required to fill out the parent return slip. Please fill out the online version google form below for each child who attend class in BCS.
You may refer the student handbook and school calendar with the link below:
There are more useful information about the first day of school with the link below: