BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW13 12/07/2019

Dear Parents,
Next Saturday ( Dec/14 ), BCS will run the lock down drill across all the campuses. Please refer to the attached file the procedure and protocol. Also pay attention the the youtube link to understand the proper way to tight up the lock down strap.
This year is BCS 40th anniversary. BCS will be making memorable yearbook and T-shirt for sale as one part of the celebration events. You may order the yearbook, T-shirt (Turquoise in color) or both (at discounted price) using the attached form. Due to overwhelming requests, the due date is extended to 12/21.  Please return all order forms to campus office by that date.
This year we are celebrating BCS 40 th Anniversary. BCS Spring Performance (SP) and Spring Performance Poster Contest will become parts of 40 th anniversary celebration. The SP will be held on Saturday, Mar 14, 2020 at the Multi-Purpose Room of Sierramont Middle School. If you and your class are interested in any of two events, Poster Contest and Spring Performance, please submit the following application form to any BCS offices. Please refer to the attached file for details.
Every class is required to submit 2 pages for BCS 40th anniversary yearbook. Please refer to the attached zipped file for the template and details about the contents. Please email to yearbook@bcs-usa.org  should you have any questions. The submission due by Feb/15/2020.
During the holiday, you may shop at smile.amazon.com to generate AmazonSmile donations for BCS.
**Campus Patrol**
                                                  Week 13    12/07/2019
                                      Language Classes     Culture Classes
Morrill                         CFL1B [3]    CK2 [3] L4 (Western Drawing 西畫 ) [2]
Sierramont                 CFL6 [3]     M3 [3]         MC   [3]
Piedmont                         C7 [2]     HSIC2 [2] HSIC1   [2]
Note: [number] = number of parent patrol for each campus.
         Campus patrols must be at least 18 years old
Duty time: 8:45AM – 11:45AM (Language classes) / 11:40AM-12:55PM(Culture classes)  

**Campus Announcement**

Morrill/Sierramont/Piedmont campus:
Room Parents, not the class representative, need to turn in the classroom checklist when the class is over, not during the class session. 
It is imperative that Room Parents should arrive at the classroom early to assist teachers in maintaining classroom order and ensuring student safety. 

No eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom at any time.
Restore classroom condition after class. No mix and match on chairs and tables.
Avoid using apparatus within the classroom. 

**BCS News**
BCS Panera Bread Program
如果您是住在Coleman Ave的Panera bread附近,而又可以於星期五晚上九時前幫忙去拿取麵包,又或是可以在星期六早上九時到十時在Morrill或Sierramont 辦公室幫忙分發麵包,請到任何一個辦公室與我們聯絡或電郵到bcs_board@yahoo.com您將會和其他的家長輪流去拿取麵包。謝謝!
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With Kind Regards,

Berryessa Chinese School
voice mail: (408)5200-BCS(408-520-0227)

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BCS 40th Anniversary Yearbook Edit Instructions and Template