BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW18 02/08/2020

Dear Parents,
This year we are celebrating BCS 40th Anniversary. BCS Spring Performance (SP) and Spring Performance Poster Contest will become parts of 40th anniversary celebration. The contest is currently extend due on Feb-29-2020. The SP will be held on Saturday, Mar 14, 2020 at the Multi-Purpose Room of Sierramont Middle School. If you and your class are interested in any of two events, Poster Contest and Spring Performance, please submit the following application form to any BCS offices. Please refer to the attached file for details.

Every class is required to submit 2 pages for BCS 40th anniversary yearbook. Please email to yearbook@bcs-usa.org  should you have any questions. The submission due by Feb/15/2020.

BCS will celebrate Chinese New Year and AC award ceremony next week ( 02/08/2020 ). 1st and 2nd grade classes in Morrill are required to provide one parent helper to support the setup and clean up of the event in Morrill campus. The event in Morrill will start at 9:30am. The AC award ceremony in Sierramont and Piedmont will start at 10:00am. All teachers, parents and students are invited to the event.
Vote YES on U to support outstanding Berryessa Union School District schools and ensure local students receive a high-quality education in safe and up-to-date classrooms. Click here for the details about Measure U.
Congratulation to those winners in BCS Academic Competition.  The Award list has been posted on the BCS website.  For students who won 1st place in the competition will receive an email from BCS AC team about representing BCS to participate ANCCS Academic Competition which held on 3/22 1:30pm in Fremont Mission High. Students who will represent BCS to attend the ANCCS Academic Contest MUST turn in the ANCCS enrollment form and fee by this Saturday (2/8) before 11:00am in each campus office.

During the holiday, you may shop at smile.amazon.com to generate AmazonSmile donations for BCS.

BCS is highly aware of the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan China.  The situation is still developing and we will continue to monitor and pass on any new information.  We asked that everyone take a common sense approach and keep your child at home if they are sick.
Please note that there is important new information for your review:
1. If you have students or staff who have been in Hubei province within the last 14 days, please ask them to immediately return home and call the public health department during regular business hours (408-885-3980, M-F 8-5) so that we can provide guidance on monitoring themselves carefully for symptoms for the 14 days since their last day in China.
a. Family members of travelers who visited Hubei province within the last 14 days do not need to quarantine at home, but they should also monitor for symptoms and avoid attending large gatherings.
2. Students or staff who have been to other areas of mainland China (this excludes Hong Kong) within the last 14 days should also not come to school. They should monitor themselves for symptoms for the 14 days since their last day in China. Per federal guidance being released today, they should also call the public health department during regular business hours (408- 885-3980,
M-F 8-5) for further guidance.
In either case, if they become symptomatic within 14 days since their last day in China with fever (including chills or night sweats), cough, or shortness of breath, they should call a healthcare provider and let them know their travel history and symptoms.
For more information on this issue, please read the full letter below. You can also visit the following websites: Santa Clara County Public Health Department or the Santa Clara County Office of Education.
**Campus Patrol**
                                                  Week 18    02/08/2020
                                      Language Classes             Culture Classes
Morrill                         CK1 [3] MP [3]     L4 (Western Drawing 西畫 ) [2]
Sierramont                 M6 [3] CFL6 [3]     S11 (Badminton 羽毛球) [2]
Piedmont                         M9 [2] HSIC2 [2]     HSIC2   [2]
Note: [number] = number of parent patrol for each campus.
Campus patrols must be at least 18 years old

Duty time: 8:45AM – 11:45AM (Language classes) / 11:40AM-12:55PM(Culture classes)

**Campus Announcement**
Morrill/Sierramont/Piedmont campus:
Room Parents, not the class representative, need to turn in the classroom checklist when the class is over, not during the class session. 
It is imperative that Room Parents should arrive at the classroom early to assist teachers in maintaining classroom order and ensuring student safety. 
No eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom at any time.
Restore classroom condition after class. No mix and match on chairs and tables.
Avoid using apparatus within the classroom.
**BCS News**

BCS AC Annoucement

2020 學術比賽頒奬典禮將於本週2月8號星期六上午10點於各校區舉行。請各位得奬學生於當日10點鐘課參加頒奬典禮,各位家長也請儘量參與,並幫得獎學生攝影留念!


Measure U
There are several other ways you can contribute towards the success of this March 3, 2020 ballot measure. Here are a few:
1.  You can donate!  We are attempting to raise $100,000 for this campaign effort to provide $98 million to support Berryessa schools and students for the next 8-10 years.  All donations (checks only) can be sent here:
Outstanding Berryessa Schools – YES on U
1315 Piedmont Road
PO box 32818 San Jose, CA 95135
(Contributions are not tax deductible.)
2.  You can post a lawn sign!  If you live in Berryessa, please take a lawn sign and more for neighbors and friends.  Please let me know how many you would like.
3.  Please walk with us!  There will be two precinct walks to help spread the word to vote “Yes on U.”  They will take place on Saturday, Feb. 8th from 8:30 am – 11:30 am (meet at Berryessa Community Center) and on Saturday, Feb. 29th from 8:30 am – 11:30 am ( meet at Cataldi Park).  We ask you pick one Saturday, and also bring 2 – 4 volunteers with you if you can. We are hoping to have about 50 volunteers per event.  Talking points and brochures will be provided.
For more information on Measure U, please visit: https://www.yesforberryessaschools.com/
Ahead of us >>

  1. 02/15 – Parent rep meeting ( returning student packets )
2. 03/07 – Board Meeting (M)
3. 03/14 – Returning student packets due / Sibling registration / Spring Performance
4. 03/21 – Open enrollment seminar (M)
5. 03/28 – Open enrollment (M)
6. 04/04 – Board meeting / placement test (S)
7. 05/02 – Board meeting (P) / general meeting / election
8. 05/09 – New parent orientation (M)
9. 05/16 – Graduation ceremony (P)
10. 05/17 – Teacher banquet
11. 05/30 – Last day of school