BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW11 11/21/2020

Dear Parents,
As we all now knew that Santa Clara county return to the purple tier, BUSD will defer the school reopen for in person class to Mar-2021. Please refer to the attached file for BUSD November newsletter for the details. BCS will evaluate the situation for the next phase of action. You will get inform once further decisions are made by the BCS board of directors.
BCS Academic Competition

The 2021 academic competition of Berryessa Chinese School has been decided to hold the annual Academic Contest online with ZOOM. The determined competition categories and dates are listed below:

01/24/2021 (Sunday)

Western drawing / Chinese painting

01/30/2021 (Saturday)

Chinese Brush Calligraphy / Pencil calligraphy

Mandarin/Cantonese speech

Mandarin/Cantonese/CFL Read-Aloud

11/21/2020 (Saturday) Registration for the Academic Contest begins.

BCS will post the 2021 Academic Contest registration form link (Google Form) on the BCS website and BCS e-Newsletter.

12/05/2020 is the registration deadline for academic competitions

2021 BCS Academic Contest Terms & Rules
2021 BCS Academic Competition Registration form (11/21/2020 registration begins)




西畫 / 國畫


毛筆書法 / 鉛筆書法

國語 / 粵語演講

國語 / 粵語 / CFL朗讀

各項目比賽時間請參考11/21/2020 (星期六) 公布的學術比賽報名表,報名日期自11/21/2020開始,至12/05/2020截止。報名表(Google Form)的連結將公布於博愛官網及每星期電子週刊。

2021 BCS學術比賽須知
2021 BCS學術比賽報名表 (11/21/2020開始報名)

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