BCS Weekly E-Newsletter WW1 09/12/2020

Dear Parents,
Welcome all the new and returning parents to BCS 2020-21 school year ! The COVID-19 pandemic had changed the way education was conducted from in person to distance learning. During the summer, BCS board of directors had decided to begin the school year with distance learning for the 1st semester ( 09-12-2020 to 01-09-2021 ). BCS still in hope that in person class can be safely available in the 2nd semester.
Tomorrow, the first day of school will be conducted in distance learning with Zoom. Please prepare your children with necessary computer setup and class materials to begin the class tomorrow morning at 9:00am.
As like all the years before, all the parents are required to fill out the parent return slip. Please fill out the online version google form below for each child who attend class in BCS.
You may refer the student handbook and school calendar with the link below:
There are more useful information about the first day of school with the link below:
Please also complete the class representative contact form. Email the form back to bcs_board@yahoo.com. This is very important since this is one of the vastly use channel of communication between BCS and all the parents. You are also required to nominate the parent helpers (school events) and room parents. Room parents can be helpful when the students are divided into small study group. This will be subjected to the creativity of each teacher.
Lastly, add/drop/transfer application is only allowed as like before for the 1st two weeks after school starts. The applications are now online and the last day is on 09-19-2020. Any applications after the last day will not be accepted. All the refund will only be processed after 09-19-2020. Please be patient since BCS registration and finance department will need to work together online for verification and update before the check can be mailed. Please refer to the link below for all the related forms.
With Kind Regards,

Berryessa Chinese School
voice mail: (408)5200-BCS(408-520-0227)